California Vacation

I’m so excited to finally get around to telling you all about our California vacation. I could not believe the response I got when I asked if this was a post people would be interested in reading about. This won’t be too lengthy since we didn’t stay very long, but in the short time we were there we accomplished A LOT! I told Jeremy that for the two days we had I would be dragging him to all the things I wanted to see since he doesn’t really care about celebrities or shopping the way I do 😉 **Warning this is a long post, but well worth the read**


The image you see above is the list of restaurants and things I wanted to do while we were in Los Angeles. Some things on that list changed, but I will tell you all about it below so keep reading!

We stayed Monday and Tuesday in Simi Valley. When we landed at LAX on Monday we immediately had In + Out Burger, OMG that place is a must! I wish they had those on the east coast, I would probably eat there every day. After that we were going to try and fit in a Hollywood Homes tour, but knew we’d run out of time and end up seeing most of it in the dark. We did decide to drive to Hollywood anyway and walk the streets there and also got to see some movie stars walk into Jimmy Kimmel, I am not quite sure the names of the stars we saw, but one was in the movie The Hobbit.



After that we met one of Jeremys friends for dinner in Santa Monica, we had a nice seafood dinner and decided to take the long way to our hotel and drive through Malibu. Even though it was dark, it was still a nice drive and we had a great view from the mountain we drove up to get to our hotel.

Tuesday I relaxed and got a lot of work done while Jeremy had his own work to do. I treated myself to a mani/pedi and then we had dinner at an Authentic Mexican Restaurant. I’m usually not a fan of Authentic Mexican Food, I haven’t had the best prior experiences, but this food was DELICIOUS! After dinner we went bowling, it was so fun and a great date night.


Wednesday we got up bright and early and headed to Hollywood. I had purchased Hollywood Homes Tour tickets on Groupon. I’ve been to Los Angeles one other time prior to this trip, but it was only a day trip. The past trip I did both the TMZ Tour and the Hollywood Homes Tour. I decided Jeremy would probably enjoy the Hollywood Homes Tour because you really get to see a lot. While we were on the tour we ran into Marlon Wayans at a gas station, we were a little hesitant to bother him for a photo, but he was so sweet and took one with our group.



After our Hollywood Homes Tour we headed to a late lunch at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles. It was our first chicken and waffles experience, but boy was it good.


We left the restaurant and headed to our hotel. We spent the next two days at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. When we checked into our hotel we found out that our hotel was hosting The 1st People Magazine Awards Show the following evening. When we got up to our room I immediately read up on it and knew I had to be downstairs in the lobby the following night to watch the celebrities come in. Before dinner we went to Lisa Vanderpumps restuarants SUR and PUMP, they were both decorated beautifully and being that I watch her show Vanderpump Rules I was so excited to see these places in person. The food was AMAZING, if you do go there I highly recommend the Goat Cheese Balls at SUR. After our appetizers we had dinner at BOA Steakhouse on Sunset Boulevard. The food was really delicious, I was happy we went there. I originally planned our dinner at Nobu which is a sushi restaurant, but we decided to change it after we had a big sushi dinner a few days prior to that. All of our reservations were made using Open Table, I highly recommend that website. I booked our restaurants about 2 weeks prior to our trip without a problem and even changed to BOA Steakhouse 1 day before which also wasn’t an issue. After our dinner we drove around Beverly Hills and looked at all the beautiful homes, they were really nicely lit up for the holidays.


Thursday morning we woke up early and tried to go for a hike to see the Hollywood Sign, the route that I had found took us up to a blocked off trail. California has been getting a lot of rain so they were having mud slides, which was probably why we couldn’t get to the trail we planned on going to. We went back to our hotel and got ready for lunch. We knew we wouldn’t be able to leave with our car and find a spot again at our hotel with the event that night they said they were expecting a large group of people. Thankfully our hotel had a courtesy car and we were able to get dropped off at Lisa Vanderpumps restaurant Villa Blanca. At Villa Blanca we had a wonderful lunch, she truly has great taste all of the decor was beautiful. We had the Bolognese and it was out of this world. I do wish we had stopped by Kyle by Alene Too (Kyle Richards store). I didn’t realize it was on the same street until we were already back at our hotel. After lunch we walked around Rodeo Drive and then walked the mile to The Beverly Hills Hotel. This hotel is so stunning, it was decorated beautifully for the holidays. We had dessert and coffee and Jeremy spotted Holly Madison, throughout the whole trip he was the best celebrity spotter. I tried my best to get a photo of her, but this wasn’t really the place for a fan girl moment. After that we went back to our hotel and waited for the celebrities to start walking into the award show.


I really didn’t know what to expect, they didn’t tell us very much except that we had to stand in a certain place. I thought for sure they would bring the big name celebrities in through the back, but it wasn’t very long before Jeremy whacked me pretty hard with excitement as he spotted Jennifer Lopez, who is beyond beautiful in person. That night we saw Pharell, Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie, Lisa Kudrow, Ariana Grande, Amber Rose, Josh Groban, Kate Upton, Kaley Cuocco and Karlie Kloss. We made friends with a group of people that were doing the same thing we were and together we all got some great photos watching these stars walk into the show. After the show started we went and ate dinner at our hotel, I dragged Jeremy back up to the lobby at the time the show was ending because I wanted to try and get some more photos. I was able to get selfies with Mindy Kaling from The Office and Amber Rose.


It was a great trip, we pretty much accomplished everything on our list of things to do. The one big suggestion I have for you is to look into touring The Greystone Mansion. Our tour guide told us that you if you call at least a week in advance they will be able to give you a tour of the mansion completely free. The Greystone Mansion has been the location for many movies and tv shows: Gilmore Girls, The Amazing Race, Knight Rider, Ghost Busters II, Batman and Robin..the list goes on and on. Click here to find out more information.


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