Labor Day Weekend Recap

Holy cow it’s September, seriously?! Summer went by SOO fast! I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because, well, I have a bad habit of never charging my computer mouse so I’d like to finish this before it dies. We had a pretty busy weekend, I am a little disappointed I only got 2 of the 8 things I had on my To Do list completed, but oh well, there’s always next weekend, right?

We did get one major thing complete, it’s only been sitting in a box since the beginning of summer but oh well.




He loves his new swing set! Thanks to his dad and grandpa for building it =)

We didn’t do much on Sunday, I did however accomplish 1 big thing on my to do list and that was organizing Matthew’s clothes from newborn to now.


We also ventured out for a new garbage can, one with a lock to keep Matthew out of it 😉


My shopping buddy!

Monday afternoon we went to a BBQ for Labor Daylaborday3

I keep looking back at photos from this time last year. It’s amazing how much he’s grown up. My mom gave him a big boy hair cut on Saturday. I was a little sad to see his wavy blonde locks go, but I must say he does look cute with the shorter do!

We are less than 2 weeks away from attending our first ever blog conference, I say WE because Jeremy is a big part of helping me run TNM. I’m very grateful to have to him as my partner on this blog adventure, he keeps me motivated to go big or go home and inspires me every day to stick to my dreams. Bloggy Con here we come!

Bloggy Conference 2013!



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  1. Very nice update! Good times! Look at all of those clothes! Glad you got that job done!

  2. Oh my gosh, what an absolute cutie pie:) Looks like he had a blast, too:) Di

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