Weekend Recap – A Good Time Was Had By All!

Sorry in advance for the randomness that’s going to occur in today’s post. We just got back from our relaxing week in New Jersey visiting family and friends. Monday’s post recapped our weekend, be sure to check it out if you haven’t already. It felt wonderful to be home at my parents house but I am glad to be back in my home. I am ready to get back into our normal routine even though it is nice to have zero responsibility and sit out on my parent’s deck watching Matthew have the time of his life in the baby pool.

Monday we didn’t do too much. I got to visit with a dear friend of mine and see her three beautiful children. After that I met my family for dinner and then we did some shopping at the mall.

Tuesday morning Matthew & I played outside since he refused to take a morning nap. I am not sure if it’s his teeth bothering him or if it’s coming to the point where he’s going to drop that morning nap.



 We spent the afternoon in Point Pleasant at Jenkinson’s


Matthew was camera shy but we had to take a picture of him wearing the new hat that he got.

After Jenkinsons we went back to my parents house where he spent more time in the Coupe Car. He loves that thing!


On Wednesday my friend & I got our nails done. I am obsessed with this holographic glitter top coat!


After our nail appointment I met my family at this delicious deli called Richard’s.

Wednesday night my dad and I took Matthew to the walk in clinic because he had a bug bite on the back of his leg that concerned me. It looked like a bee sting so I figured better be safe then sorry and took him to get it checked out. After the doctor appointment my dad took him for ice cream and then he enjoyed a special treat on the deck at my parents. He definitely is spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa when we visit.



We headed home to Maryland on Thursday but not before getting a quick glimpse of Theresa Caputo. I would love to see her closet because her shoes are always amazing and today she definitely didn’t disappoint.


I was excited to come home to packages I’ve been expecting.


 This beautiful wooden growth chart from Emily Ley

emily ley

 Simplified Recipe Binder for all of my Top Notch recipes


 Matthew’s swing-set arrived before we left for New Jersey but I didn’t get a chance to peek at it till tonight. I cannot wait for my dad and Jeremy to build it for Matthew. He is going to love it!

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  1. Nice to see YOU as well at Matthew! Also Jeremy too!

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