Weekend Recap

Holy cow the weekend went by way too fast! Jeremy & I got in late friday night after a long day of flying and bad weather that delayed our arrival until 9:30. The airport was packed, by the time we got our luggage and the car it was 10:15. We didn’t get home till 11:00 and we were both exhausted. I was anxious to wake up and see Matthew, as soon as my head hit the pillow I was fast asleep and before I knew it, it was 8:00 and Matthew was up for the day. We didn’t do too much in the morning, Jeremy napped while Matthew napped and I headed out to do some errands before we had an afternoon birthday party to attend. The party was so much fun, every detail was amazing and the cake and cupcakes were beautiful and delicious!

beepbeepA quick ride in the coupe before bed!

Sunday I was still recovering from the time change between California and Maryland. We took turns napping and by noon we both felt rested. After lunch we headed to a local pool for the first time. They had a pool for children under 3 that was the perfect size for Matthew. He loves the water and has absolutely no fear. He is constantly trying to put his face in it and then he immediately stands up and shakes the water off.


Splish Splash!

The poor kid is getting 3 teeth in so he hasn’t been the happiest lately, hopefully they completely come in within the next 2 weeks. I hate this whole teething business =( at least he won’t remember it though!

We have a fun, but busy week ahead of us. I am looking forward to taking the water camera to Dutch Wonderland. We are also headed to the Cecil County Food & Wine Festival next weekend, super excited for that!

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Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


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