Weekend Recap


This past weekend was sooo much fun!! I’m also getting excited for Halloween this year, we have so many exciting things planned for Matthew =)

This weekend I got 4 inches off my hair, I am in love with it!!


Saturday night I played Bingo with one of my neighbors at a hall by our house. It was my first time playing in that kind of setting, but it a great night! We were always laughing about something. I even won a gift card to a local restaurant… you know what that means… GIRLS NIGHT 😉


Sunday we spent the afternoon with our friends and their son. We always have a great time when we are with them.


After the guys watched some football, my friend Kelsi and I had a manicure party. I am obsessed with the UV Light and Gel Nail Polishes a friend of mine let me borrow. I love it soo much I invested in my own uv light, I can’t wait to get some polishes and start doing my nails at home more often.

This week I have some  yummy recipes for you, I think the top favorite is my Pumpkin Mousse.




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