Weekend Recap

Getting to this weekend recap really late tonight…

Since I don’t have many photos to include in this recap I will share some from Friday Night Bunco. Bunco was at my neighbors house this month and it was such a great night. She had every detail done beautifully and the food was delicious! bunco

My mother in law came Saturday afternoon and then I finished packing and getting ready for my trip to Georgia.

I left bright and early Sunday morning and met Jeremy in Atlanta. We spent the day touring The Walking Dead locations. I found this great website with all of the addresses and the route for the tour was pre-planned. We skipped a few that were hard to access without going through the Atlanta Movie Company, but that tour was $6o a person which was another reason we did it ourselves.

I do plan on writing a full post about our entire day, but I will leave you with a few photos. I was super excited we came across a set for Season 6 and trailers for the cast! I plan on heading back there this week and hoping to see the cast and possibly meet Daryl (Norman Reedus). 😉




I’ve been stalking movie sets for the last 10 years. I just love it and when I was younger I for sure planned on making it my career working on sets. After spending a few cold months watching and meeting Hilary Duff film a movie in NJ I decided it wasn’t for me.

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