The Color Run-Top Notch Mom tips & tricks!

How could I not share some helpful tips & tricks that got me and my friends through The Color Run? I was so happy that I read some helpful tips & tricks for before and after The Color Run. It was so fun! I would do it again in a heart beat and I was so happy that I was prepared. I figured I would share what worked for me the day of The Color Run in hopes that it might help someone else when they attend the greatest (and most colorful) 5k of their life.

Before I left for The Color Run I put Coconut Oil in my hair (I was also told leave in conditioner works just as well). I was so happy I did that because when I showered later that day I had no color left in my hair. I knew I wanted to carry my phone and money on me so I picked up a cheap drawstring backpack from Target along with a bandana to cover my mouth and a hat. I didn’t end up needing the bandana or hat but I definitely saw a good amount of people wearing both those items. THE DRAWSTRING BAG was AMAZING! I had read numerous blogs that said to wrap your phone in saran wrap, there was no way I was doing that because I wanted somewhat easy access to my phone. Instead I just picked up ziplock bags from the store and put my money in one and my phone in another and threw it into my drawstring bag. I was also able to carry sunscreen and water in there. Another thing I recommend doing is packing some snacks for yourself. We were the last ‘wave’ of people (they only allow 1,000 people go through the start line at a time) so we waited a good hour before it was our turn. I was so happy I picked up a few energy bars and brought a bottle of water with me. There were two stops that had water, one at the 3rd color and again at the finish line. We were also prepared for the car ride home with a spare change of clothes, shoes, flat sheets and towels.

So let’s go over these again:

  • Coconut oil for your hair
  • A bag to carry your stuff (I liked the drawstring bag because it was lightweight)
  • Ziplock bags for your phone & money
  • Bandana & hat (maybe sunglasses) to protect your face
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Change of clothes
  • Flat sheets & towels
  • Some plastic bags for your colorful clothes & sneakers





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