Toddler Tuesday

toddlertuesdayLooking for something to make Dad for Father’s Day? Well this is perfect for toddlers and kids of any age really. This year for Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, Jeremy & I decided we would make things for each other instead of buying them. Matthew is at a great age now where he can be included in projects like these. He may not understand what he is doing yet but he has fun and that’s all that matters. On Mother’s Day, Jeremy surprised me with a giant homemade card that he made with Matthew. I knew I wanted to make something just as special for Jeremy for Father’s Day so after browsing Pinterest, I finally found the perfect age appropriate thing I could do with Matthew and we could do as a family. The idea started out as a handprint from Jeremy & a handprint from Matthew with a saying under it. Well that idea quickly changed when we realized it would be impossible to get a perfect handprint from Matthew.

You will need:

  • A blank canvas
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes


  1. Paint your child’s hand with paint
  2. Press your child’s hand all over the blank canvas, reapplying paint to their hand when needed
  3. Once that dries, paint the saying “World’s Best Dad Hands Down” on the canvas over the handprints







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