Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!!! I hope you had a fabulous weekend =)

Friday I went to the zoo with Matthew and our friend and her son, that was so fun! Matthew loves to see all of the animals, the zebras are my favorite part.


That night we had dinner as a family at Applebee’s and then Jeremy and I saw Gravity. That movie was AWESOME, I highly recommend it!


Saturday we hung  out at home and then in the afternoon I went to a friends house because she was having a yard sale, I scored some great clothes for Matthew =)


After going to the grocery store, Jeremy made pizza but not without the help of his Sous Chef.


Sunday was spent in the kitchen making tons of delicious things I get to share with all of you in the next couple of weeks. Sneak peek photo of what’s to come below.


This week on Top Notch Mom

  • Toddler Tuesday – Broccoli Bites 
  • Apple Butter
  • Crockpot Beef Stew
  • Pancake Cupcakes




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