Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! It’s freezing here, our street is a sheet of ice as I am writing this. Matthew’s 3rd Birthday is less than a week away and I can’t help but think about how the past 2 years all of the kids at the party ran around our backyard in 60 degree weather, I don’t think that will happen this year! The ground is soaking wet from all of the snow we’ve had, I can’t wait for spring and summer.

Our weekend started a little early, the stomach virus hit our household and it was the first time Jeremy and I were sick at the same time. This was no fun at all with a toddler that’s full of energy, but we managed and by Sunday we were back to feeling 100%

Weekend Recap | www.topnotchmom.com

How I feel lately….#PregoProblems

Weekend Recap | www.topnotchmom.com

7 Months Pregnant

Weekend Recap | www.topnotchmom.com

My boy and I <3 I can’t believe he’s almost 3!

Weekend Recap | www.topnotchmom.com

Having fun in Target 🙂

Weekend Recap | www.topnotchmom.com

Have I mentioned he’s almost 3, AHHHHH!!!

Not much to report from this weekend since we were sick for most of it. If you haven’t checked out my printables on my Etsy shop Designs By Doree, make sure to stop by and take a look 🙂



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