Weekend Recap + House Updates

Wow! Life has been pretty crazy lately. I so badly wanted to get a post up yesterday, but my 4 year old got his tonsils out and by the time bed time came around I fell asleep putting him to sleep.


I don’t think I’ve had the time to sit down and write a post since we moved into our new home. We’ve been able to do so many updates to it already, I couldn’t be happier. While we still have some big projects to tackle, small projects like getting the rooms painted and furnished and adding updated fixtures have really freshened this house up.

Last Thursday we headed to Pennsylvania to visit with Jeremy’s mom and brother. It was such a quick trip, but it was so fun! Matthew jumped into the pool and swam on his own without his puddle jumper while were there and I couldn’t be more proud. I’ve kicked myself for not getting him swim lessons the last few months and now with the tonsillectomy he can’t be in water or doing any activities for 2 weeks. He’s so brave though and once he got the hang of jumping in, he had it down pat.



I have decided to take a break from weekend recap posts unless we do something that’s an absolute must share! Instead, I will be doing Transformation Tuesday posts with updates and how to’s for home design etc.

Below are some photos of things we’ve been working on around the house.


The old carpets were gross, we had a hard time deciding if we wanted to remove and refinish the wood or put another runner in. We decided to go with a new runner, since the refinished wood would probably be too slippery especially with two wild kiddos.






Down the road we eventually want to completely remove the outdated vanity and shower and update it. In the meantime we had it painted a lighter blue color and I added some decor from home goods and ross.


You can find the new chandelier here!




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